Passage Prohibited: Behind the Iron Curtain

Book is a sequence to best seller, Licensed to Spy.

For performing meritorious service while serving as a member of the United States Military Liaison Mission to the Commander-in-Chief Group of the Soviet Forces in Germany in an exceptional manner displaying diplomacy, perseverance, great stamina and dedication to duty, John Fahey was recommended for the Legion of Merit Award and received the Army Commendation Award.

Commander John Fahey’s firsthand account of his intelligence activities behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Zone Germany during the Cold War contains dangerous penetrations of Russian restricted areas, East German secret police Stasi reports on his intelligence activities, and a new “Russian Character Study.” Fahey’s previous “A Soviet Character Study,” published by the Naval Institute Proceedings, was republished by the Conservative Digest, ODU Insight, and the Congressional Record. The study was shared with members of the House of Representatives on May 18, 1978 by Congressman G. William Whitehurst who urged his colleagues to read it carefully and heed Fahey’s evaluations. Now in this book Fahey’s new Russian Character Study centers on Russian characteristics in more depth without the earlier Soviet overtones.

The author includes intelligence failures during the Cuban missile crisis and the circumstances surrounding East Germany’s and the Soviet Union’s failure to observe American immunity in an incident with a United States military train.

Readers have a unique opportunity to ride with Commander Fahey inside some military restricted areas behind Passage Prohibited signs, to witness intelligence collection, and to experience the author’s challenges and tactics when faced with espionage accusations during detention in forbidden areas.

Evaluations by senior officers of Commander Fahey’s performance behind the Iron Curtain, at sea, and after his retirement by his university Russian language students are contained in the book’s appendixes.

Passage Prohibited is a must read for everyone who enjoys true-life spy stories. It takes the reader into Russian military psyche and mindset during and after the Cold War with an astonishing tale of overt reconnaissance, espionage charges, and detentions.

A great read!

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