Maverick on the School Board

Serving on the Virginia Beach City Public School Board, John Fahey confronted a veteran school board and a division with some serious educational challenges: among others, school buses did not meet federal safety standards, social studies textbooks contained numerous mistakes, older elementary school buildings lacked adequate physical education facilities, curriculum was weak in foreign language, science, and math, and student recognition needed improvement. With the persistence of a “maverick” Fahey bucked the opposition and battled to change the status quo throughout his nine-year tenure on the school board.

This book offers a unique, first hand perspectives on the politics of school board service.

Ann M. Delaney, Author of Politics for Dummies

For any person now serving or who will serve on a school board, John Fahey’s Maverick on the School Board should be required reading. In addition to interesting accounts of his battle to bring accountability to his colleagues and school administrators, Professor Fahey can be credited with strengthening the curriculum and standards of the school system in Virginia’s largest City.

Dr. G. William Whitehurst, Kaufman University Lecturer in Public Affairs Old Dominion University

It is “truth or Consequences” as the Faheys elevate responsibility and accountability within education, starting at the top. Full of unique perspective, rich in issues and strategies, and surely to inspire.

Larry Crum, Chief Education and Strategic Planning Officer Hampton Roads, Education Telecommunications Center

A school board member’s odyssey in quest of improving the workings of the board and school administration in order to positively effect the bottom line -the quality of education of all the school division’s students.

Dr. Vin Cibbareill, Former Superintendent and Executive Director of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents

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