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Berlin Wall Flower

Reviews for Berlin Wall Flower

"What a delightful surprise when the mail came yesterday! That book was absolutely wonderful - different times and different situations but easily recognized. Isn't that a great explanation of so many wives' reaction to that place [Berlin, Germany]?"

- Reader in Olympia, Washington

"I couldn't put it down but devoured it in one afternoon, laughing and crying. Your modesty is astounding, only a clever girl would have survived what you did. Many thanks for sharing it all so wittily."

- Reader in New York City

"Enjoyed it so was like a visit with you and you do have a wonderful way with words. I can just hear you saying it all. It's so funny. How did you remember so much?! The chapter on Potsdam House was especially interesting and the tale of the visits to the salt mines harrowing. We're glad you actually came back alive!!"

- Reader in Little Rock, Arkansas

"How much fun it is! It's not only a superb history of what was going on at the time, but it's from a perspective most of us never know about. It certainly gave me a look at you and your excellent coping skills! I congratulate you on your wonderful book!"

- Reader in Denver, Colorado

"Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and fun Berlin book of 1960-61. Barbara Fahey sounds absolutely delightful and I love her sense of humor. She's 75 now - thank goodness she persevered on this project. It certainly was worth it. I, too, visited "the Potsdam House" several times before the wall came down and what a surreal and eerie but moving experience when you finally see that American flag fly proudly waving there."

- Reader in Arlington, Virginia

"What a neat surprise!! Thank you for the delightful gift of Berlin Wall Flower. Your friend, Barbara, has quite a humorous spirit. The house was directly across the street from ours on Reichshofer!! I finished reading the book and sent it on to our Jennifer who is now married and living in Germany. She saw is when she was visiting last month and wants to read it too."

- Reader in Fredericksburg, Texas

"Thanks for thinking of me and sending the delightful book. You're right, it brought back good memories. I especially liked the pictures of the house and furniture.

I'm sure the author was pleased to have her book published. Her writings brought me some good laughs. All of is could write good memories of fun times. Barbara was lucky as a Navy wife that she wasn't sent to some really exotic spots. Can't imagine anyone not loving Germany!...Thanks again for the book. I'll share it with other Berlin friends."

- Reader in Woodridge, Virginia