Books, DVDs, and Photographs by John Fahey Senior

Books by John Fahey, Senior

The John Fahey Collection: Kremlin Kapers, Licensed to Spy, Wasn’t I the Lucky One, Passage Prohibited, and Berlin Wall Flower chronicle John and Barbara’s experiences living in Berlin, East Germany, and Russia during the Cold War. After returning to the United States and becoming a professor at Old Dominion University, John wrote Maverick on the School Board detailing his experience as a school board member in the city of Virginia Beach, VA. How to Order

DVDs by John Fahey Sr.

From 2010 to 2020 John made over 250 closed television Unforgettable Moments programs at Charlestown Community in Maryland. He was a memory expert, intelligence agent, and American Spy behind the Iron Curtain,

  • School Board 101
  • Mnemonics 101
  • Memory 102
  • Full Recall 201
  • Behind the Iron Curtain
  • Truth Will Out
  • Each DVD title except the last one costs $7.00. The Special Trial Offer for $5.00 – First Powered Flight includes JFK Visit provides a sample of the DVDs.


Photographs by John Fahey Senior

John Fahey’s photographs have won Best in Show and First Place Prizes in national photo contests and art shows. Click on the thumbnails to view  a larger image.
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John Fahey Senior
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