About Electric Pins

Electric Pins... silver pins, rings, earrings, pendants and titanium pins, earrings, sculptures and three-dimensional kinetic paintings.


Electric Pins are the creation of John Fahey, an award winning artist/ jeweler/ toy inventor/ university professor.

Each pin is handcut from titanium or silver by the artist. Many of these whimsical designs feature electic lights - thus Electric Pins. These designs represent several of the hundreds of pins available. This work has been sold to museums such as The National Aquarium, The Science Museum of Virginia and The Virginia Marine Science Museum. Price ranges from $8 for a small silver tie tack/ lapel pin to $28 for a blue-eyed fish.

Featured in this site are John's Globall Illumination toys. These electric glowballs have replaceable lights and batteries for life-long play.

John's "other" job is that of university professor.


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